What we do ?

Professional Staffing

Our services can be readily tailored to an organization's specific requirements and support both an outsourced and a co-sourced service model. For entities of all sizes, hiring and motivating specialized resources in-house is nearly impossible. That's why it makes sense to partner with a firm like CG Global to provide specialties such as project managers, project control (schedulers & cost analysts), construction managers & field inspectors, project risk analysts, project accountants, cost estimators, energy auditors, technology auditors, etc.

We can provide you access to specialists & subject matter experts at rates that are competitive with inhouse resources. Our outsourcing solutions enable organizations to determine how to best fit not only their project needs, but also their budgets

  • Cost Savings and Flexible Budgets: to reduce total cost of service.
  • Access to Talent: skills and resources can be effectively matched to client's requirements
  • Manage the Peaks: our model brings resources only when needed to meet the peak demand.
  • Focused Effort: our outsourced resources try to avoid unproductive hours and only charge billable productive hours to a project.
  • Sharing Best Practices: Using an outsourcing or co-sourcing provider allows access to more information, experiences, and best practices from not only your industry.