Corporate Sustainability

CG Global is committed to assist its clientele in achieving and maintaining their Sustainability Development Goals.
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Corporate Sustainability

We believe that inclusive and overall growth can lead to sustainable future for all. At CG Global we are committed to help enterprises reach and manage their sustainability goals.

At CG Global, sustainability starts right from seeking improvements in delivery of goods and services and lead to a corporate’s economic growth. We work with our clients, customers, communities and government to ensure we make impactful contribution towards sustainable development goals as laid out by United Nations. Sustainability is a way of life at CG Global.

With our long-term commitment towards sustainability goals, we are ready to face challenges head-on and are bound to solve them. Embodied Carbon in Construction, climate change, ESG, decarbonization, electrified transportation and green economy are few areas we keenly focus on to help our clients achieve their corporate sustainability goals.

We share a strong belief that transparent practices, partnerships and associations will help us deliver better sustainability management services to our clients and customers. We share a strong conviction that a focused, result oriented strategy has always helped us deliver our promise.

2020 Sustainability Report

Black & Veatch’s inaugural sustainability report details the company’s efforts across seven environmental, social and governance commitment areas aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Progress towards each commitment is detailed across 2020, a year defined by the COVID-19 pandemic, racial tensions across communities in the United States and growing urgency to decarbonize our planet’s economies highlighted in the Company’s decision to exit the new-build coal power market.

Our Promise To A Sustainable Future

At CG Global, Sustainability is a way of life. We research, we innovate and we strive to help corporate clients reach and maintain their sustainability goals. Learn more about CG Global on how we are on a journey to change the World towards a sustainable future.