Health, Safety & Environment

At CG Global, safety is a state of mind. We ensure the safety of all our employees, customers and partners as we make progress.
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Health, Safety & Environment

CG Global is committed to be an industry leader in Health, Safety and Environmental practices, to maintaining a safe and healthy workplace for our people, to sustaining the safety and integrity of our customer’s operating assets and to protecting the environment.
  • We believe all incidents are preventable and we promote health, safety and environmental excellence on and off the job.
  • We conduct our business in a manner that meets or exceeds all applicable laws and regulations in order to minimize risk to our personnel, the public, and the environment.
  • We ensure that all personnel understand and accept their respective roles and responsibilities in continuously improving our Health, Safety and Environmental performance, as well as holding one another accountable relative to such roles and responsibilities.
  • We endeavor to only do business with companies and contractors that share our Health, Safety and Environment commitment and we regularly assess their performance.
  • We use our influence with companies in which we have strategic partnership, to meet our Health, Safety and Environment Commitment Statement.
  • We respect the diverse cultures and communities in which we operate by fostering open communication and by working with the public, the scientific community, policy makers and various stakeholder groups to safeguard our workplaces and ensure asset integrity, while protecting the environment.
  • We expect personnel to report and communicate risks, potential hazards, incidents and near hits. We take all reports seriously and fully investigate to identify facts relative to the reporting of all incidents and issues.
  • All personnel making reports in good faith will be protected. Good faith reporting means an open, honest, fair and reasonable report without intentional malice or ulterior motive.
  • Personnel who seek to exempt their own negligence or willful misconduct by making a false or malicious report will not be protected.
  • We believe all personnel are responsible and accountable for Health, Safety and Environmental performance.

Culture of Safety and Prevention

We take an expansive view of safety and embrace it in our work and as a way of living.

Black & Veatch is proud to be established member and supporter of Safety Week.