We provide resilient solutions to the nation’s mission-critical facilities, infrastructure, and programs worldwide.
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We Know Government

CG Global understands that government agencies at all levels need to partner with stakeholders and communities to plan for all unforeseen future challenges. At CG Global, we continuously collaborate at every level of government (federal, state, and local), to develop, build and protect critical infrastructure in energy, utilities, telecommunications, and transportation. We leverage all the experience and expertise earned for the past 12 years on every project to prepare for a resilient and secure future.

We contribute to improving the quality of life around communities we serve, support economic development, and move towards a more sustainable future using our enterprise assets of People, Process & Technology. Our successful projects result in risk mitigation and efficiently manage limited resources. Our team of experts are capable and experienced in supporting and managing various government projects.

Public Works
Construction Services
Engineering & Design Support
Capital Program Life Cycle
Data Science
ESG & Sustainability Plan
Asset Inspection Management Solution
Smart Cities, Emergency Management & Disaster Recovery

Integrated Services For All Levels Of Government

We understand that government agencies have to balance between sustainable innovations and realistic project deliverables. Our team of experts and integrated project delivery approach enable us to create optimum teams for every requirement throughout project development lifecycle.

With more than a decade of experience in engineering, procurement, and construction, we create and deliver unique solutions to our customer’s challenges promptly and efficiently.

Reliable & Resilient
Customer Centered Design

Reliable & Resilient

Customer Centered Design

We scale to meet your challenge in any location through an extensive network of expertise and relationships, integrating teams that deliver quality and seamless experiences.


With long-serving relationships, and many veterans in our ranks, we intuitively understand teamwork, the warfighter mindset and high consequence demands of government projects.